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[audio]Synergy Story Slam - Firsts - Stolen Car
Asheville Synergy Story Slam
Keywords: community organizing
Downloads: 87
[texts]2010 Itsallabout - Benjamin Heim Shepard
Its All About Organizingin Humanity and Society Journalby Benjamin Heim Shepard
Keywords: Activism; Organizing
Downloads: 9
[texts]Activists and "difficult people" - Brian Martin
All of us encounter people whose behavior we find difficult, and many of us are difficult ourselves, at least at times! This poses a particular challenge for social activists trying to promote a more egalitarian, just, and decent society. The problem of "difficult people" needs to be recognized and addressed in a way compatible with a vision of a desirable future.
Keywords: Organizing; conflict
Downloads: 155
[movies]Looking Back, Thinking Forward: Organizing to Breach Baltimore’s Racial Divide - Red Emma's
Research Associates Foundation spring event “Looking Back, Thinking Forward: Organizing to Breach Baltimore’s Racial Divide” on Thursday March 20 at 7:30 at the new Red Emma’s.  A panel of activists including Marc Steiner, Betty Robinson, Paul Coates and C.D. Witherspoon, moderated by Lester Spence.
Keywords: racism; organizing
Downloads: 196
[texts]Small Town Organizing for Anarchists
This zine contains a wealth of helpful suggestions for anarchists living in small towns who want to create anarchy. Topics covered include finding other anarchists, deciding on what projects to work on, figuring out how to relate to liberals, and doing a distro--this zine is full of good ideas and advice. Not only for small towns, the authors of the zine state: "If you can count the active anarchists in your areas on your fingers, this guide is for you."
Keywords: anarchist; anarchists; organizing; community organizing
Downloads: 21
[texts]Organising Communities - Tom Knoche
This zine by Tom Knoche explores the idea of "community organizing" and offers an anarchist critique of traditional approaches to community organizing. In place of those models, Knoche argues that anarchists can engage in this work in a way that promotes anarchist visions and practices. The author outlines some possible goals for anarchist community organizing while looking at how anarchists determine success in community organizing, the tactics they use, and how they decide where to place their...
Keywords: community organizing; zine; zines; anarchist; anarchism; organizing
Downloads: 17
Bill Cordes interviewed AIAS President JW Blanchard in the spring of 2009
Keywords: Leadership; Service; Organizing
Downloads: 91
[audio]oranizing your writing - Lillian Banks
Keywords: organizing your writing
Downloads: 86
[texts]Jungherr, Andreas Internet In Wahlkämpfen - Jungherr, Andreas
Das Internet in Wahlkämpfen:Konzepte, Wirkungen und Kampagnenfunktionen
Keywords: Internet; Wahlkampf; Campaining; Organizing
Downloads: 2
[audio]Elaine Bernard at Cornell 1999
Elaine Bernard speaks on sweatshops, labor organizing and solidarity. Extracted from Unwelcome Guests podcast Episode #1-2. Whole episode can be found here http://www.unwelcomeguests.net/1
Keywords: Elaine Bernard; labor organizing
Downloads: 4
[movies]Professional Organizer
Visit http://livingordersa.com if you are looking for professional organizer to streamline your business. LO Organizers San Antonio is an organizer firm that helps business organizations /owners in detecting the soft corners in the work flow and implementing realistic solution for the prevention of the discrepancy. The company offers easy-to-manage work flow patterns that are based on business units' requirement, which bring lasting result on business administration.
Keywords: Professional Organizer; Organizing Tips
Downloads: 6
[texts]Anarchist Society & Its Practical Realization - Graham Purchase
One of the most consistently leveled and damaging criticisms of anarchists is that they lack a positive vision of the future. Unfortunately, many anarchists have done nothing to counter this-criticism and have actually made the situation worse by their insistence that anarchism is an anti-organizational and/or anti-programmatic ideology. This is far from the truth as a brief look at the writings of the most outstanding anarchist theorists-Rocker, Kropotkin, Malatestra, Berkman, etc-will show...
Keywords: organizing; anarchism; theory; philosophy
Downloads: 158
[texts]Jungherr Internet In Wahlkämpfen - Jungherr, Andreas
Das Internet in Wahlkämpfen
Keywords: Internet; Wahlkampf; Organizing
Downloads: 16
[audio]Jill Annis
Professional Organizer
Keywords: Jill Annis; Koby; Organizing
Downloads: 8
[texts]Insurrectionary Anarchy: Organizing for Attack
For us anarchists the questions of how to act and how to organise are intimately linked. And it is these two questions, not the question of the desired form of a future society, that provide us with the most useful method for understanding the various forms of anarchism that exist.
Keywords: insurrectionary anarchy; organizing
Downloads: 170
[texts]Build Your Own Solidarity Network
This zine looks at the Seattle Solidarity Network--an organization that uses direct action to fight for the specific demands of tenants and workers. It's an interesting approach to anarchist "community organizing" and this zine offers a good overview of how to start such and organization while also delving into some of the strategic rationale that underlies their work. The zine covers everything including how to get started, what tactics seem to work well, how to run meetings, etc.
Keywords: anarchist; organizing; anarchism; zine; zines; solidarity network; community organizing
Downloads: 24
[texts]Shared Path, Shared Goal - EYFA
This zine is a great introduction to consensus process. It covers what consensus is, the hand signals used, why you should use consensus, the various roles in consensus process, and various tools that can be used to help the process. It also looks at some advantages and disadvantages of consensus and includes helpful drawings and diagrams. It's a good thing to give to people new to consensus process.
Keywords: consensus; organizing; zine; zines; community organizing; consensus process
Downloads: 24
[audio]Record Keeping for Income Taxes - Debbie Johnson
Feature with Andrrew Zumwalt, family financial education specialist for University of Missouri Extension
Keywords: taxes; record keeping; organizing; irs
Downloads: 11
[audio]Baltimore youth agitate for P2P funding at Mayor's Night In - clayton
At the Mayor's Night In on Monday June 2nd (ostensibly about how the city wants to involve the youth of the city in education and community building), the Hungry 13 and a large crowd of P2P supporters packed the War Memorial Building in Downtown Baltimore to demand that the mayor fund P2P programs. This 40 minute recording is from the last section of the meeting, where the hunger strikers and their supporters reported back after a series of breakout discussions...
Keywords: baltimore, education, activism, organizing, indymedia
Downloads: 62
[audio]Grassroots Organizing and Messaging Post-Health Care Reform
Join an experienced panel of organizers in a discussion about what we accomplished and what comes next in health care reform in Pennsylvania. What did it take to build a movement of grassroots activists in communities across the state? What were the biggest challenges, the biggest successes? How do we keep building the movement by educating the public on the benefits of the health care legislation? What should our messaging be moving forward? Listen, participate and get inspired to continue this...
Keywords: health care reform; grassroots organizing
Downloads: 26
[audio]Building Bridges Radio: Domestic Workers Uniting - Your Home, My Work - Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash
Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report National Edition Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg ************************* Special for Womenâs History Month "Your Home, My Workâ - Domestic Workers Uniting NOTE: 56:27 AND 28 MINUTE VERSIONS AVAILABLE BELOW Building Bridges allows domestic workers to tell their stories - stories of their pains, their pride and their efforts to organize for labor rights...
Keywords: women; domestic workers; labor; organizing
Downloads: 273
[audio]Philadelphia's Coalition to Save the Libraries - sarah s.
Audio piece that documents part of the story of Philadelphia's Coalition to Save the Libraries successful struggle to keep all of Philadelphia's libraries open.
Keywords: philadelphia; budget cuts; grassroots organizing
Downloads: 157
[texts]NEFAC Aims & Principles - NEFAC
The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists is an organization of revolutionaries coming from different resistance movements who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. The federation's activities are organized around theoretical development, anarchist propaganda, and intervention in the struggle of our class, be it autonomously or by direct involvement in social movements.
Keywords: anarcho-communists; definitions; organizing; federation
Downloads: 57
[audio]Capitalism and Immigration: The Struggle for Legalization with Full Rights Today
A lecture by Justin Akers Chacon, Nativo Lopez, Jorge Mujica, and Rosie Carrasco titled "Capitalism and Immigration: The Struggle for Legalization with Full Rights Today" from the "Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century" conference held in Chicago, Illinois from June 14-17, 2007.
Keywords: immigration; capitalism; organizing; chicago; illinois
Downloads: 207
[texts]Anarchist Action/ Accion Anarquista - Anarchist Action
An bilingual introduction to Anarchist Action. Anarchist Action is a forum through wich groups and individuals can act and organize. Each project is organized by an autonomous working group made up of individuals and collectives. We have come together to organize our own forms of resistance based upon anarchist principles. We are a public formation open to other like-minded individuals and groups.
Keywords: Spanish; anarchism; direct action; organizing
Downloads: 158
[texts]Optimal control systems. Part II, Synthesis : The synthesis of optimum and quasi-optimum minimum time controls for second order systems - Titus, Harold A. ; Demetry, James S.
Includes bibliography
Keywords: Automatic control; Self-organizing systems
Downloads: 43
[texts]Optimal control systems. Part I, Analysis : the methods of Pontryagin in the optimal control of second order oscillatory systems with discontinuities in the state variables - Nevius, William B. ; Titus, Harold A.
Bibliography: leaf 43
Keywords: Automatic control; Self-organizing systems
Downloads: 33
[texts]How To Promote Events
This zine is a modified version of a guide published by the Beehive Collective that shares ideas for organizing an promoting events. It begins with the basics of giving yourself enough time to successfully pull off an event, finding a venue, promoting an event (with tips for email, social networks, newspapers, etc), designing posters and leaflets, and other ideas. Throughout, there are good tips on promoting events based on the author(s) experiences.
Keywords: zine; zines; organizing; promotion; events
Downloads: 22
[texts]Consensus: A Brief Introductory Guide
This zine is a (very) brief starting point on consensus. It explains what consensus is, how to use consensus (facilitation tips, hand signals, roles, etc.), and explains how it differs from other forms of decision-making.
Keywords: zine; zines; consensus; organizing; facilitation
Downloads: 31
[texts]The Self Organizing Networks ( SON) Ecosystem 2014 2020
Order report by calling ReportsnReports.com at +1 888 391 5441 OR send an email on sales@reportsandreports.com  with (Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Ecosystem) / report name in subject line and your contact details.            Self-Organizing Network (SON) technology minimizes the lifecycle cost of running a wireless carrier network by eliminating manual configuration of equipment at the time of deployment, right through to dynamically optimizing performance and troubleshooting durin...
Keywords: Self-Organizing Networks Ecosystem Market; Global Self-Organizing Networks Market; Global Self-Organizing Networks Market 2020; Self-Organizing Networks Industry; Global Self-Organizing Networks Industry; Self-Organizing Networks Market 2020; SON Market; SON Industry; Market Research Reports; Industry Research Reports
Downloads: 11
[movies]Reports and Intelligence: Self-Organizing Networks Market for 3G, LTE, Beyond, Fourth Edition - Reports and Intelligence
Mobile network operators are looking for more automation in order to efficiently manage their large networks, which consist of thousands of base stations with hundreds of settings each. The role of Self-organizing Networks (SON) is to enable efficient, and in some cases programmatic means of fine tuning cellular networks.    Detailed report at:  http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/self-organizing-networks-son-challenges-and-opportunities-for-3g-lte-and-beyond-fourth-edition-market
Keywords: Self-Organizing Networks Market; Self-Organizing Networks Market Analysis; Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Market Trends; Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Market Research; Self-Organizing Networks Market Report; Self-Organizing Networks (SON) Market Opportunities; Segmentation and Forecast; Reports and Intelligence
Downloads: 4
[audio]Roundtable Part 1: Iraq, the Soldiers' Rebellion
A lecture by Camilo Mejia, Kelly Dougherty, Garrett Reppenhagen, Martin Smith, and Chanan Suarez Diaz titled "Roundtable Part 1: Iraq, the Soldiers' Rebellion" from the "Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century" conference held in Chicago, Illinois from June 14-17, 2007.
Keywords: iraq; antiwar; organizing; veterans; military; chicago; illinois
Downloads: 175
[audio]Garage Storage Solutions For Organizing Your Garage
Garage Storage Solutions For Organizing Your GarageSource(S): http://www.garageexperts.com/
Keywords: Garage Storage Solutions For Organizing Your Garage
[audio]Roundtable Part 2: Iraq, the Soldiers' Rebellion
A lecture by Camilo Mejia, Kelly Dougherty, Garrett Reppenhagen, Martin Smith, and Chanan Suarez Diaz titled "Roundtable Part 2: Iraq, the Soldiers' Rebellion" from the "Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century" conference held in Chicago, Illinois from June 14-17, 2007.
Keywords: iraq; veterans; organizing; antiwar; military; war
Downloads: 215
[movies]TechCamp: Technology Essentials for Community Organizers - Katie Roper - GIIP
TechCamp: Technology Essentials for Community Organizers
Keywords: giip; ptp; progressivetech; ucsc; organizing; techcamp
Downloads: 97
[audio]Raids, Deportations, No-Match Letters: Grassroots Strategy for Defending Immigrant Rights
A lecture by Margarita Klein, Brian Cruz, and Martin Unzueta titled "Raids, Deportations, No-Match Letters: Grassroots Strategy for Defending Immigrant Rights" from the "Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century" conference held in Chicago, Illinois from June 14-17, 2007.
Keywords: immigration; organizing; deportations; rights; repression; chicago; illinois
Downloads: 261
[audio]Charles Turner, “A New Cosmological View”. Building Sustainable Local Economies Training Seminar, May 2008. - Schumacher Center for a New Economics
In this talk for the "Building Sustainable Local Economies" training seminar held May 21 to 25, 2008, Charles Turner proposes a conscious development in the capacity of the organizer. He offers a new way for human's to interact and develop cosmic energy for positive and harmonious results.
Keywords: cosmology; steiner; organizing; african-american; occult; schumacher
Downloads: 5
[movies]Micah Uetricht presents "Strike for America" @ Red Emma's, 3/16/2014 - Red Emma's
The 2012 Chicago Teachers Union strike was America's most important domestic labor struggle in decades: the teachers took on the bipartisan, free market school reform agenda that is currently exacerbating inequality in education and waging war on teachers' livelihoods. In the age of austerity, when the public sector is under attack, Chicago teachers fought back — and won. The strike was years in the making...
Keywords: teachers; labor; unions; strikes; organizing; austerity; neoliberalism
Downloads: 30
[movies]Minneapolis Neighborhood News 97 Segment Two - John Akre
The Phillips Clean Sweep involves hundreds of neighborhood and corporate volunteers to clean up the Phillips community and get to know each other.
Keywords: clean sweep; neighborhood organizing; Minneapolis; Phillips
Downloads: 120
[audio]Interview with Donicio Valdez
An interview with Michigan State University professor Donicio Valdez on with the focus on organizing efforts and the public memory of Cesar Chavez.
Keywords: chavez; history; gvsu; organizing; activism; grandrapids; michigan
Downloads: 720
[audio]Sharon Smith - Sitdown! Flint 1937
A lecture by Sharon Smith titled "Sitdown! Flint 1937" from the "Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century" conference held in Chicago, Illinois from June 14-17, 2007.
Keywords: unions; organizing; history; flint; michigan; socialism
Downloads: 243
[audio]Charles Turner, A New Cosmological View. May 2008 - E. F. Schumacher Society
Presented to the E. F. Schumacher Society's (www.smallisbeautiful.org) "Building Sustainable Local Economies" training seminar, May 21 to 25, 2008. Charles Turner proposes a a conscious development in the capacity of the organizer. He offers a new way for human's to interact and develop cosmic energy for positive and harmonious results.
Keywords: cosmology; steiner; organizing; african-american; occult; schumacher
Downloads: 125
[audio]Coalition to save the libraries - Sarah Small
Interviews with five members of Philadelphia's Coalition to Save the Libraries, a group dedicated to keeping all of Philly's libraries open and fully funded.
Keywords: libraries; grassroots organizing; budget cuts; philadelphia; pennsylvania
Downloads: 11
[texts]Processed World (Volume 17) - Processed World Collective

Keywords: Tales of Termination, Organizing Art Store
Downloads: 355
[audio]Everything is Different, Nothing has Changed, Leslie Cagan on the Elections - Leslie Cagan, encuentro 5, open media boston
In this informal talk to a house party organized by mga, encuentro 5, and AFSC, Leslie Cagan of United for Peace with Justice, surveys the election results and its implications for the new national mood. She summarizes this by quoting a friend, "Everything is different, Nothing has changed."
Keywords: Leslie Cagan; peace movement; 2008 elections; organizing
Downloads: 64
[movies]Vertical Communities - John Akre
A documentary from 1994 about organizing residents in Minneapolis Public Housing Authority High Rise buildings.
Keywords: Minneapolis; history; public housing; resident organizing
Downloads: 34
[texts]The Commune-Community Control of the Poor Community - Zabalaza Books
An Organizing Manual for Community Activists
Keywords: South Africa; education; community organizing; manual; DIY
Downloads: 73
[texts]A Great Plains Association for Anarchy - Jared James
A proposal, with discussion. Prepared for the Kansas Anarchist Caucus, November 9, 2002, Lawrence, Kansas.
Keywords: anarchism; anarchy; anarchist; kansas; lawrence; organizing
Downloads: 124
[texts]Build those Collectives
This zine provides an excellent overview on what a collective is, why you should organize one, how you do it, and what you do once the collective is formed. It offers a bunch of helpful ideas on everything from running meetings to communicating with other groups. It also includes several essays exploring different aspects of collectives, their history, and their power. Highly recommended!
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchist; anarchism; collectives; organizing
Downloads: 30
[texts]Stop Hunting Sheep
This zine offers a wealth of important ideas for countering state-led intelligence gathering efforts and makings safer and less penetrable networks. The zine attempts to move beyond simple snitch-jacketing and speculating by advocating for specific, reality-based approaches to gathering intelligence about potential informants within networks and developing concrete ways of verifying information. It also encourages addressing problematic behavior and individuals from the start and rejects the ide...
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchist; repression; organizing; security
Downloads: 11
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